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Customize Limousine. Stretch Builder. Repair.

We Got You Covered

We own one of the largest fleet of Stretch limousines in Canada and know the value of down time in your fleet. We can Custom Manufacture or repair any kind of stretch limousine in Toronto.
All of your commercial limousine manufacturing and repairs under one roof.
Accident repairs bodyshop and Painting:
Metal fabrication, design, framing we do all. there is no too big or too small job for us.

Vehicle stretching

Interior customization


Limousine parts sales

Heating & Air-condition

Electrical installation & Repair

Upholstery vinyl top

TV, DVD sound systems

Water leak Repair

Rusted panel repair

& many more ........

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32 Stoffel Dr. Etobicoke (Dixon Rd & 401) Canada

Popular Services

Some of our popular services


We offer complete repair, installation, and upgrades of both heating and air conditioning systems for cars, trucks, and buses. We have many years experience to both diagnose system problems as well as design and install new or upgraded systems for vehicles to that do not perform satisfactorily.
We carry a full line of replacement parts and fabricate speciality hoses in house.

Specialty Electrical:

Sales, service, and repair of all Limousine and Bus electrical systems. We have over 20 years of speciality electrical system experience on a wide variety of systems such as ICS, Airlite, Mastrcon, Limo Touch, Applied Digital, Krystal Enterprises, Smart Touch, Smart Coach, and many more.

Auto sound and Security

Alarm systems, Remote starts, Keyless entry
Sound system repair, installation, upgrades, Speakers, Amps, Radios, Monitors, DVD players, and much more.


Repair, Installation, or upgrades of all Limousine and bus lighting
Fiber optics, led, rope, interior and exterior strobe lights, lasers, and much more. We carry a full line in stock for on the spot installation.


Vinyl and Canvas tops.


We offer a large range of automotive repair services. Although our primary focus is the Limousine and Ground Transportation industries, we are also happy to work on your private cars.

Mechanical Repairs

Oil change
Tune up
Engine or Transmission replacement
Suspension, including custom spring sales and service for Limousines
Fluid exchanges using the latest in flush equipment for complete fluid replacement. Unlike the simple drain and refill replacement that leaves much of the old fluid behind, we use the proper equipment to get as much of the old fluid out as possible and refill it with fresh premium quality replacement fluid on your transmission and cooling system. On many applications we even use oem fluids for the best in quality.


Brake lining replacement
Brake line fabrication
ABS/Traction control systems diagnostics and repair
We feature a Pro-Cut on the car brake lathe for the very best in rotor machining service. The main advantage to this process is that the rotor is machined as it will drive down the road so any variation in the vehicles hub, bearings, etc. is machined out to help reduce the dreaded brake pulsation problem that plagues many of todays vehicles.


From very basic to the most complex, we pride ourselves on getting to the root cause of your electrical related problems. We can handle anything from a simple fuse or bulb replacement to an electrical fire or catastrophic failure requiring complete harness replacement or rebuild. We stock all the items in house to repair harness’s, build custom battery cables, or to add accessories of any kind.


We offer complete diagnostic repair for Domestic vehicles. We have a strong track record for locating and repairing all vehicle systems including:
Powertrain (Engine and Transmission) Check engine light
ABS/Traction, and Stability control
Restraint (Airbag)
Air suspension
and many more
We offer full programming services for Ford based vehicles including Calibration file updates and new module replacement.

Auto glass

Broken window replacement
Power window repair
Window tinting

Opera lights

U joints
Carrier Bearings
Multi-section driveshaft balancing
Limousine Driveline vibration repair, including floor sagging issues or body mount repair
Crossmember replacement or repair



Stainless steel panels or ceilings
Carpet or wood floors
Complete interior upgrades
Seat repair, replacements and custom covers.

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