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My Talking Tom course is a virtual animal game with the protagonist Talking Tom Cat and Talking Tom Cat 2. You must keep Tom happy by feeding, betting, going to the bathroom, put it to bed and play with him. . (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); more interactive than ever, I’m talking Tom keeps the same basic role as Talking Tom Cat’s attitude, but it takes a little more, giving you more and more thosschi in the role of the penguin. Always be able to do the all thingsAsas.yang can talk Talking Tom Cat and another 7, talking animal game, that is, Tom once again repeats what he said in a loud voice and interacted with it by touching in a different way. But my Speaking Tom format now feels more like a virtual pet game, POU. There’s a lot to do with your cat, how to play mini-games, customize look You, choose food and decorate Tom’s home at your choice. Another great feature is the ability to make your Tom videosdivide the world Going to new things at Talking Tom I need coins, which are won when they go or buy them. There is a leveling system where you can ride on foot while spending time with your cat and ensuring that their needs are met. At this point, you will unlock newshop items and objects. There’s mini-games in My Talking Tom, such as a whack-a-place, which gives you the chance to get coins and perform the entertainment for you Tom’s needs. Discover the same way as the POU (and tamagotchisparacase), his dear pet in My Talking Tom is a specific “requirement” to be met. This is represented by a circular meter at the bottom of the screen ending slowly and must be closed again to perform specific actions. This principle is easy to understand and after you start playing Talking Tom, these concepts can be seen well. Four meters are needed: entertainment (do not miss Tom Speaking or mini-games), food (stuffed to eat the food in the mouth), the bladder (charge to the toilet)and tiredness (suck Tom in bed and turn off the light). To perform any of these steps, if you have to touch the same meter.

The graphics and overall performance of Speaking Tom have not changed a lot since Talking Tom Cat 2. Mainly (although you can adapt it more) and your chillona voice are the same. In addition, it seems that Tom is the only character that appears in the game (for example, there is no sign of his love Talking Angela, or neighboring neighbor, Talking Ben the Dog). My interesting featureMy Talking Tom is to visit the other players’ houses and confirm how they are decorating You can also find a treasure chest where you can load it to a copper voucher. There is also a flag where you have to guess what Tom uses, which is pretty fun, especially for young players. Purrfect It is Fanatic Cat or Pou Fanatic, you will enjoy My Talking Tom, as you combine the best elements of both. However, some can find a process that always addresses itrather boring and repetitive cat.